2017 is well on it's way!!

I'm briefly in Amsterdam for some exciting concerts, amongst others two nights at the BIMhuis with the great Instant Composors Pool (ICP) and drummer Han Bennink, on 14 & 16 April :-)

In March I started my four month artist residency at Odin Teatret in Denmark (led by the great director and writer Eugenio Barba) to train theatre and create a piece called STEEL. First month is done, and the training has been interesting indeed. Under the subtle and sensitive guidance of director Vilja Itkonen, I have worked on mask technique, mime techniques and some butoh inspired work. It has opened op a new world for me, so I am very excited to continue..

But first.. we're creating a huge project called Shady Town at the Slaughterhouse for the Odin Teatret Festuge in Holstebro. Festuge is a week long crazy festival with many international artists, that invites the whole town to participate in the art. Basically, the town becomes a theatre piece.. Our project is a week long art environment built as a temporary village.

We create our Shady Town project in an old abandoned Slaughterhouse and the aim is to involve artists, participants and audience to engage in the topic of the Art of Creative Recycling. Basically, how we deal with our old unwanted and abandoned stuff.. Do we throw it away, creating more waste and erasing history, or do we find creative ways to de-construct and rebuild in new ways... creating space for new future visions?

I'm also happy and proud to have received a study fund to help me realise my year of study, training and reflection. I'll travel to Cuba, New Orleans and Bali, and do artist exchanges with five amazing theater artists (amongst others a clown and a martial arts specialist)!

Thank you, Amsterdam Fonds voor de Kunsten!

APRIL 2017

There are some exciting concerts coming up in this one month that I'm back in Amsterdam..

28 March - Maria Adriana Collective in Zaan Theater in Zaandam (uitverkocht)

30 March - Maria Adriana Collective in theater De Meern in Hoofddorp

14 April - 50 years ICP & 75 years Han Bennink, a double birthday celebration in BIMhuis Amsterdam. With Evan Parker, Otto Lechner, Noël Akchoté, ICP, Mary Oliver, Greetje Bijma. Info and tickets

16 April - 50 years ICP & 75 years Han Bennink, a double birthday celebration in BIMhuis Amsterdam.
With Ben van Gelder, Reinier Baas, Oscar Jan Hoogland, Michael Schumacher. Info and tickets

20 April - TAP 5, a classical childrens's concert with string quartet from the NedPhO

21 April - Café MijnDenHaag, an evening of stories, performance and films, on the Indonesian/Dutch heritage, organised by Riboet Verhalenkunst and Haags Historisch Museum.

23 April - Maria Adriana Collective in Cultureel Centrum De Man in Oostvoorne.

foto Erna Kuik

The new year starts amazing with a row of five concerts with the Süddeutsche Philharmonie in Konstanz, stunningly situated at the Bodensee and on the border of Switzerland.
We played in the Tonhalle Zürich, which was one of the most beautiful places I have ever danced... And we got the audience in a wild frenzy at the end with the rousing encore!


DEMO of Marije Nie's Purple Gazelle, with Christian Pabst, Guillaume Ortet and Erik Kooger


In my quest to develop tap dance as a performance art I have found the amazing and inspiring Odin Teatret and director and scholar Eugenio Barba. This is the most musical theatre I have ever seen, constructed somewhat like a classical ensemble piece, and then with so many colors and dynamics. Right away, I had a strong feeling that this is a way of working where a tap dancer can become an actor... you can imagine my delight when Eugenio invited me to do an artistic residency of 4 months (!) in Holstebro in 2017.

So much of 2017 will spent with Odin Teatret in Holstebro, and filled with training, learning and creating new material with Finnish director Vilja Itkonen and Danish actor Niels Kristian Brinth. Come look us up at the huge Festuge (summerfestival) in June!



Finally you can watch our multiple award winning dance documentary One Million Steps at home :)
Director Eva Stotz.



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