STEEL (work in progress)
Two actors occupy the stage, both with a virtuoso skill. One is on wheels, one is on tapshoes. The dance of their interactions evoces a rich life with characters and stories, old and new. A new project initiated at Odin Teatret in Denmark.
With Marije Nie, Niels Christian Brinth – creation, acting
Vilja Itkonen - director

Moments of Movement (2016) Musical director, tap dancer
Film concert about migrations and the personal stories of Syrian and Iraqi refugees in Istanbul, put in the wider perspective of global human movement and migration. First performance 26 May at the Pera Museum in Istanbul.

Dancin 'the Camera (2016) Choreography, concept and musical dramaturgy.
Point Taken dance film project with director Pieter-Rim de Kroon (among others Dutch Light) and Windmill Movie, Media Fund, Cinedans and NTR. Selected for Selected Dutch Shorts 2015 Eye International. Premiere on March 19, 2016 during Cinedans Dance On Screen Festival in Amsterdam EYE. Selected for Dance Screen Festival in London (UK), Nederlands Film Festival (NL), Rathaus Film Festival Vienna (AU)

Splendor (September 2013 - present) Tap Dancer.
Collective of 50 musicians playing chamber music in the broadest sense of the word accessible, intimate and spontaneous way to share with their audience, among others Martin Fondse, Claron Mc Faddon, David Dramm, Ties Mellema, Oene van Geel. Several combinaites of tap dance with classical and world music. Winner Amsterdam Art Prize 2015.

Dox : Bakchanten (May / June 2016) artistic leader together with director / actor Daniel van Klaveren.
With a group of 12 young actors between 19 and 21 years, we make a presentation of the piece the "Bakchanten” by Euripides, in which text and foot rhythms propel the story. We make use of both an adaptation of the original material as texts written by the actors themselves. Performances July 1 & 2, 2016.

Marije Nie's Purple Gazelle (April 2014 - present) Concept, bandleader and tap dancer.
Music of Duke Ellington and his own compositions. Jazz ensemble of international musicians Christian Pabst (piano, DE), Guillaume Ortet (bass, FR) and Erik Kooger (drums, NL).

For Your Legs Only (March 2016 - present) Tap dancer.
Live music with film and tap dance, based on "Unforgettable and forgotten dance scenes in movie history" i Compani, led by Bo van de Graaf. Bo van de Graaf, Marcel van Engelen, Arjen Gorter, Robert Vermeulen, Michel Mulder, Henry Rich, Friedmar Hitzer, French Vermeerssen. Premiere on March 4, 2016.

Classic Tap feat Brigitte van Hagen (April 2016 - present) Concept development with Brigitte van Hagen and Celia García García, tap dancer.
Tap dance with classical piano and opera voice. with classical music. With pianist Celia García García. Performances among others Festival Keukenhof, Pllek Amsterdam.

Passi (March 2015 - present) Artistic concept, choreographer and tap dancer.
Combination of dance, stories, rhythm and mini-workshops with the Sicilian percussionist and singer Vincenzo Castellana. Premiered at Theatre in the Room, Driebergen 2014.

Concerto for Tap Dancer and Orchestra (2009 - present) Choreographer / tap dancer
Choreography and execution of the tap dance concerto, a composition for tap dancer and Symhonie orchestra by American composer Morton Gould from 1953. Premiere at the Orchestra Symphonica di Giusseppe Verdi di Milano, Milan. Then o.a with Filharmonija Beograd (2015) and Brandenburgisches State Orchestra Frankfurt (2016).

Maria Adriana Ensemble (2014 - present) Tap Dancer.
Chamber music program of Amadeus to Zappa, violin, violin, viola, cello, clarinet, double bass and tap dance. Musicians Maria Adriana de Bruijn, Laura van der Stoep, Bart Hangover, Jacob Plooij Jos Teeken and Marijn van Prooijen.

One Million Steps (2015) Choreography, concept, choreography, tap dancer.
Short dance documentary film (DE, NL, TR) with documentary filmmaker Eva Stotz (DE). Screened at many international film festivals such as documentaries and shorts, among others 8th documentarian - ISTANBUL DOCUMENTARY DAYS, 15th SEOUL NEW MEDIA INTERNATIONAL, 24th ST. LOUIS INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL, MUMBAI 4th SHORTS INT'L FILM FESTIVAL (Award Best Documentary), 13th Cinedans - DANCE FESTIVAL ON SCREEN EYE (Audience Award Best Documentary), 39th GRENZLAND-Filmtage (Audience Award Best Documentary), 8th GO SHORT - INT L SHORT FILM FESTIVAL NIJMEGEN (European Competition, The Netherlands), 26th BAMBERGER Short Film Festival (Award Best Animation / Experimental Film)

Body of Knowledge (2010 - present) Concepts / coach / workshop leader / training.
Workshops, training and interventions in organizations. Tap dance and rhythm as a metaphor for work. From the knowledge and experience in the performing arts reflect on work and personal act therein. Contracts inter alia Ned Society of General Practitioners, Shell, InHolland.

Taps n Traps (2010 - present) Concept, artistic direction and tap dancer.
Percussion duet with use of the space. Changing line with percussionists Han Bennink, Marijn Korff de Gidts Erik Kooger, Nando Russo and Jürgen Grözinger (Berlin). Premiere in 2011 at Paradiso, Amsterdam.

Catch (2011 to present) Artistic director, concept, choreography and tap dancer.
Catch consists of two tap dancers and a bassist. We make tap dance choreographies, where improvisation and daarme communication also plays a role. With tap dancer Janne Eraker and bassist Bruno Ferro Xavier da Silva. Among others Muiderpoorttheater, Open Dance (Rotterdam), Bijlmerparktheater (Amsterdam).


Selection of past projects

Billy Elliot coach tap (April 2014 to October 2015) Tap dance coach.
Responsible for training and maintenance classes of the boys main and supporting role in the musical Billy Elliot the Musical Stage Entertainment.

Dutch Philharmonic Orchestra (2010 - 2015)
Choreography, concept and execution. NedPhO GO! ORL and various ensemble line-ups. Three family concerts: Tap 5 (tap with string quartet), Music in the Wind (tap with brass quintet and percussion) and Letter To You (tap with harp trio). In addition, inter alia, Emotions, a duet with percussion, and cooperation with Dutch Chamber Orchestra. Performances on location in schools, inter alia, in the NedPhO dome and in venues such as Singer (Laren) and PARADISIO (Amsterdam).

Dancing on Glass Ceiling (2015) Tap Dancer.
Musical theater tour with poetry, literature, dance and music. With ao. Corrie van Binsbergen Sanne Wallis de Vries, Ellen Deckwitz, Christine Otten, Tatiana Koleva, Miriam Overlach Esther Apituley and others. Theater Jan / Feb / March 2015.

Baroque Disco (2016) artistic director, tap dancer
A contemporary meeting of early baroque music and electronic music, involving the audience in dancing the menuet and the electric slide. With Mike Fentross (theorbe) and Henry Vega (electronics). Premiere at Oranjewoud Festival in Heereveen on June 4, 2016.

Radio Kootwijk Live (2009 - 2014) Initiator, producer, concept, choreographer, performer.
Interdisciplinary research into new concert forms and relations with the public, musicians, dancers, theater etc. Musicians who participated in RKL included Bram van Sambeek (bassoon), Miriam Overlach (harp), Marijn Korff de Gidts (percussion), Rick Stotijn ( bass), Izhar Elias (guitar), Erik Bosgraaf (recorder). Fixed place is the old transmitter building at Radio Kootwijk, concerts, among others Concert Hall, City Theatre Rotterdam Festival Classique, Canal Festival Amsterdam and Huddersfield Festival of Contemporary Music.

Sound Floor / Homunculus (2009-present)
Research with partners HKU music technology, TU Eindhoven Industrial Design and STEIM Amsterdam. Continuous choreographic and musical research on the use of electronic sound processing and motion sensors in tap dancing. We also work in the project to develop interactive software for use in live situations, using the software Max / MSP, Ableton Live and Homonculus Audio Tracking System developed with Sjoerd van der Sanden (Berlin).