Marije Nie teaches TAP DANCE in Amsterdam

18:00 - 19:15 beginners - starting the adventure!
19:15 - 20:45 intermediate - technique - choreography
20:15 - 21:45 advanced - improvisation strengthening technique (build up of speed, precision and sound), practise musical skills (develop rhythmic ideas, buildup of solos, structure, communication)

Adres: NDSM werf, tt Neverita weg 15 Amsterdam Noord (bij de pont)

IF YOU WANT TO JOIN @ NDSM contact me directly at tel. 06 - 4211 5886

Flatheeled tapshoes are recommended, but for the beginners classes not necessary. You can wear comfortable flat shoes with leather soles, so no sneakers. It is possible to attach taps to normal shoes with leather soles, for information or suggestions you can contact Marije.

@ BIMhuis with Elastic Jargon

@ De Doelen with Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra

Always wanted to tap dance?
Want to be a musician with your feet?

Strong basic technique is the basis of these classes, music and movement is the goal.

The classes focus on
•  flexible technique
•  musicality and rhythm
•  choreography and improvisation

Tapdancing is music, playing percussion with your feet. It is a perfect synthesis of sound and movement, where the rhythm dictates the movement and the movement creates the sound.
Tapdancing developed in North America, together with jazz music, with its roots mainly in African dance and Irish clogging. From there it has grown into an versatile performance instrument, with tapdancers around the world exploring its many possibilities.

About the teacher

Marije Nie is a professional tapdancer and has worked with many musicians around the world, including Rotterdam Symphonic Orchestra, Joseph Bowie (trombone), Han Bennink (drums), composer Theo Loevendie and Wolter Wierbos (trombone).

Marije developed a solid tapdance technique with tap dancer Peter Kuit, musicianship with bass player Arnold Dooyeweerd at the BIMhuis musicians improvisation workshop and also studied in the USA.