Two masters of rhythm meet on the crossroads of live and music


A concert with stories, rhythms, songs and mini workshops
Passi is more than a concert, it is an active experience in rhythms, stories and mini workshops. In a rich tapestry of tap dance, Sicilian rhythms and songs, a story unfolds about a meeting between Sicilian percussionist and singer Vincenzo Castellana and Dutch/Indonesian tap dancer Marije Nie, two masters of rhythm from very different worlds.

Two worlds
Passi takes place on the crossroads of two different life paths, each one mirroring the other. Vincenzo is from a small mountain village grounded in tradition, curious to know more of the world and travels to many places. Marije is a post-colonial product, ex-lawyer and neo-post-modern city girl, a tap dancer in Holland (!) constructing her own identity step by step. Their opposite backgrounds and (dis)connection to their roots create a tension that they express in music and stories. Both are struggling to find their own voice, to communicate and play music with eachother freely and without compromise.

Interactive concert
During the concert we incorporate audience participation fully into the story with several mini-workhops. Starting from the first applause, we teach simple but meaningful fragments of musical material to the audience which become integral to the scene and help to move the story along. A Sicilian song awakens early memories, the basic rhythmical tension between 2 and 3 is practised and leads to a musical fight, and a free improvisation builds a world in which the musicians find each other musically. In this way the audience’s voice becomes an essential element, and we share a real musical experience.

Take a Sneak Peak

Practical Information

Passi is a flexible concept, good for both intimate theaters and non-theatrical spaces. We do like to have a concentrated and focussed space, so either a space that can be isolated from the surroundings, or a quiet area or time slot.

Audience between 20 and 120
Audience is seated, possibly also (partly) on the ground, if appropriate
Stage area minimum 4m x 3m. Ideal is 6m wide x 4m deep.

Passi is created for an adult audience, but can be re-worked for children and family if desired.