the poetry of steps

The Poetry of Steps is a theatrical dance concert with tap dancer Marije Nie and a small band. She tells about the troubled origins of tap, it’s shared roots with jazz music, shares insights into the crafty mysteries of this percussive dance, about her own journey as a tap dancer working with a colorful array of artists worldwide and about her love for syncopation. By diving deeper into these stories from dance and music, it becomes clear that there is a clear connection between playing together and living together.

Marije Nie – tap dance, story telling
Anton Jakimenko – clarinet
Mike del Ferro – piano
Andreas K├╝hne – electronics, percussion

Duration: appr. 1 hour

Marije Nie is a tap dancer, artist, educator and performer, a musician with her feet, a virtuoso dancing percussion player. She is fascinated by the sound of footsteps and their ability to navigate many worlds, from boardrooms to concertstages. Her work illustrates the fact that tap-dance has become a contemporary art form; capable of communicating playfully with different artistic disciplines, traditions and cultures.

Image top of the page by Erna Kuik