Marije Nie

tap dancer, musician, performer, artistic research, educator

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Cross Pollination Collective

International and interdisciplinary labs on the dialogue
in-between practices

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Marije Nie's Poetry of Steps

tap dance concerts with musicians from jazz and classical music. Read more


Poetische voorstelling en publieksgesprek over leven
met dementie. Met Yvonne van den Akker en
Jonas de Rave

a passion for rhythm

I am Marije Nie, a tap dancer, musician, performer and educator. My passion lies in music from all different genres and styles, like classical, jazz, electronic music and improvised music.

In addition to music, I am also involved in film, interdisciplinary theatre and community arts. I am a part of the Cross Pollination Collective where we conduct artistic labs for artistic research on interdisciplinary creation processes and the dialogue between practices with artists and researchers.

I am an educator in tap dance, interdisciplinary creative processes and Balinese kecak. My goal is to create meaningful and impactful work that inspires and connects people through the arts.