the poetry of steps

Marije Nie is a tap dancer, artist and performer, a musician with her feet, a dancing percussion player. She is fascinated by the poetry of steps, and their ability to navigate many different worlds. Marije’s dancing transforms traditional tap-dance into a contemporary form; she builds bridges between different artistic disciplines, traditions and cultures.

Image Erna Kuik

rhythm is at the heart of the human experience, pumping the blood around the body, allowing our bodies to move through the world with the perfect pulse of our footsteps, making patterns on the earth: cycles of action, lines of wandering, circles of return and spirals of growth.

Imagine that first human who decided to step out of the forest and onto the plains, looking out and seeing for the first time the mysterious promise that is the horizon, wondering what it would hold and starting to walk towards it…

Image top of the page by Erna Kuik