I am a musician with my feet, a dancing percussion player, deeply fascinated by the power and the poetry of steps, and their ability to navigate many different worlds.

Music has always been at the root of everything for me and tap dance is my ticket, the unmistakable sound of footsteps, the energy of dance becoming music and shoes ánd floors becoming instruments, to me it is like an alchemical process. I feel honored to work in so many different styles and genres of music, including classical music, jazz, electronic music, improvised music and even with symphony orchestras.

Besides music, I love to work in interdisciplinary theater pieces, film, community art projects, interventions and workshops.

As a natural syncopator, I am attracted by the spaces in-between. In between the beats, in between artistic disciplines, people, traditions and cultures. The poetic language of tap enables me to explore this in-between space in so many ways, maybe because footsteps don’t belong in only to one music or dance or situation. They are universal and can dance into almost anywhere.

While artist in resident at Odin Teatret in Denmark, I co-founded Cross Pollination together with theatre maker and researcher Adriana La Selva. It is an international and interdisciplinary network of performers and researchers which focusses on the dialogue in-between practices, collaborative reflection, new ways of knowledge building, connecting theater practice with artistic research. It is also aimed at artists and researchers, creating a space where they can keep their practices healthy and find inspiration by exchanging with peers.

During the lockdown I have published three collaborative articles with Cross Pollination in the second half of 2021.

Performance Research : Parliament of Practices, No-topian tactics for praxical dialogue https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/13528165.2020.1930765 (August 2021)

Revista Brasileira de Estudos da Presença : Cross Pollination’s Nomadic Laboratory: a praxis in-between practiceshttps://www.scielo.br/j/rbep/a/mrTzXXYk9b5spFtQpGtnNvm/ (August 2021)

Global Performance Studies and the Journal of Dramatic Theory and Criticism : Echolocation and reverberation: ecologies of knowledge sharing in laboratory praxis’